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Current Location: Rundu, Namibia

16 000 kms

More than 20 countries 

15 months 

Our Vision

The idea of cycling down the length of Africa came to us a few years ago, when living together in Cape Town. We are two siblings, cycling the distance between our home in Berlin and our childhood home in South Africa. Travelling using only our bodies and our willpower (and of course a little help from our bicycles) is a big challenge, but more than anything an experience that is changing our lives in interesting ways. 

During our childhood, our family went on a 4 month journey through Southern Africa, travelling 20.000 kms in our tents and wonderful old Land Cruiser. This experience had a big influence on us, and we feel privileged that we were able to do this as a family. It has been one of the main inspirations for this cycling trip, having made us aware of the possibilities available in our short lives. 

Travelling like we are is certainly also a privilege; being able to take the time to completely immerse ourselves in a new way of living, connecting with and learning from people and nature. We want to share these experiences with you. Essentially having experiences at the pace they present themselves to us, and relishing every bit of them. Sure, we face difficult times, but many things in life are difficult and many people face far more significant challenges in their day to day lives.

We are excited to be doing this together. We have similar world views and common philosophies, but we also have different ways of seeing, different ways of doing.

We have travelled from a part of the world that is largely responsible for environmental degradation and historical greenhouse gas emissions, through another part of the world that despite bearing essentially no responsibility, will be (and already is) suffering the consequences disproportionately. One of the things we would like to do is to make more tangible this environmental issue which can often seem quite abstract and far removed. We would love to experience and become more informed about the naturally beautiful spaces that still exist on this planet and those that call these spaces home.

We are recording our experiences in the form of photography (being shared on our Instagram page) and blog posts on the website

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