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Who Are We?    

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My core values are compassion, critical thinking, justice, curiosity, conscious living and enjoyment. Just before leaving on our trip, I finished up my degree in Sustainability in The Hague, NL. I am interested in experiencing and preserving all that this beautiful planet has to offer, particularly those wilder natural places less commonly visited. I also love reading, cooking delicious vegan food, bouldering and conversations about humanity's relationship to the rest of nature.

This trip presents an opportunity to slow down, to breath through my life, to spend time with my sister, and to meet and learn from those I otherwise never would have. It is also an opportunity to experience at very close hand the continent where I would love to spend much of my life. Gaining insights into the huge potential Africa has (at so much more than an economic level), as well as some of the struggles it faces that I would like to grapple with (particularly related to climate change and biodiversity protection), are big motivating factors. We are also excited about documenting and sharing some of the trip, as well as acknowledging our privilege and supporting 2 amazing causes that we strongly believe in. 


My intention for this trip started off being to physically explore the distance between the two places in the world that felt like home to me. 

I spent my childhood growing up on farms and in a small village in the Karoo in South Africa. When my family relocated to Berlin just as I was finishing school, I decided to move to Cape Town to study art. During the next years, I lived between Berlin and Cape Town. My home was in South Africa no doubt, but at the same time it was also where my family was, in Berlin. 

During these years at university, I became more and more interested in our relationship to the environment, our impact on the planet and the connection we share with it. My art focused on the landscape, on how we as humans are ever-present in it and have such power to protect but also to destroy the world we are a part of. During this time I adopted a vegan diet and slowly also a vegan lifestyle. It is interesting how one thing leads to the next. 

My initial reason for doing this trip hasn’t changed but over time many new things have come to show themselves as important to me. Our environmental footprint, promoting a type of travel that is not only less destructive to the earth but also more engaging and connecting to our immediate environment. 

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