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Grappling with the website

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

"This thing is not doing what i want it to do!"

Just a small post to remind ourselves about the challenge of bending technology to our will. Emma has spent many hours working on the structure as well as the aesthetics of the website. Although it looks relatively simple, it really took us some time to figure it out! Also just figuring out what we Don't want on the website is something which up until now I hadn't really considered as being such a vital part in the design process of pretty much everything. It's definitely getting somewhere though, looking really good. We will get more feedback from others once it is published, and make changes based on that, so let us know if you have any (ambitious or small) recommendations about elements we could try add, remove or change. This is a first for us, so learning as we go :) **Update: the website is published, and we have been receiving as well as implementing feedback. Thank you to everyone who has made the effort, please continue to do so! We are now in the process of attracting traffic to the website as well as the Gofundme page, and starting to reach out to partners who would like to join us in some sense for the journey.

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