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Cycling from Berlin to Cape Town down the East Coast of Africa

cycle to ct 2.png
cycle to ct 2.png

We have arrived in Cape Town after 14 months of cycling down the Balkans in Europe and then down East Africa from Cairo. Our aim was and still is to raise funds for the Prince Albert Skills School and The Humane League. We set off with ideas in our heads, but there is only so much one can imagine a trip like this to be like. So many unexpected experiences, so much learning, so many wonderful encounters with fellow humans. Cape Town has welcomed us and finding a new home here has been beautiful but challenging - it definitely takes some time to get used to the idea of being in one place, surrounded by 4 walls and having access to a 1001 things you don’t need. Keep an eye on our instagram for any new blogposts, as we will continue to share stories here and with whoever is happy to hear them.

We are incredibly grateful to all of you who supported us along the way, before and afterwards, words of encouragement, a place to stay, a donation, a hug. Thank you!

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